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Why Spirit Communication?
By Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis

Evidential Mediumship

Why would someone wish to communicate with their spirit loved ones? What does this accomplish, for them as well as for the loved ones in Spirit? Why would spirit wish to "come back" and communicate to their earthly loved ones? What type of information does spirit seek to impart to those of us on the Earth plane?

These are just a few of the questions which people ask when they consider mediumship and spirit communication. It all boils down to one basic question: Why? Why should spirit in the body seek to establish communication with spirit out of the body, and vice versa?

Let's examine some of these questions.

First: why seek spirit communication, through a medium? Spirit communication helps bring together that which seems to have become separated and lost, through death: love and interaction with our loved ones. We seek spirit communication because we want to know: do our loved ones survive death; if so, where are they, and are they the same people that we knew and loved while together on earth?

Mediumship answers both of these concerns with a resounding YES. YES, our loved ones survive death. They go to a place not separated by distance, but by dimension. And YES, they survive, as we knew them on earth. The only thing they leave behind, through death, is the physical body and earthly treasures; everything else goes with them.

This, alone, gives tremendous comfort to the grieving. And as wonderful as this revelation is, there is one even more wonderful: we, too, shall survive this elusive experience which we call death.

Our work with mediumship has shown us, clearly, that communicating with spirit loved ones can be a tremendous source of resolve, closure, and, especially, healing. How often have we seen loved ones, reaching across the doorway of life, in order to express how sorry they are for the errors of the past. This applies not only to those in the body, but in Spirit as well. The opportunity to say "I'm sorry" can bring with it an amazing healing for all concerned. Although death does not suddenly give us insight into all of life's wonders and mysteries, it does change things. Spirit perceives things from a different perspective. The very fact that an individual awakens in Spirit, alive and well, can be a most amazing revelation in itself. Thus, spirit is anxious to relate to their earthly loved ones what they have come to see and how they have changed since their passing.

In many ways, death can be likened to a journey. If you take a trip to a foreign land, or move away from those whom you love, what would be your first order of business, when arriving at your destination? Most of us would want to call home and let our loved ones know that we arrived safely. Thus it is with death. Spirit wishes to convey to us that they have made the journey and are OK. Mediumship can be the telephone line through which this communication takes place.

Finally, what would spirit wish to communicate to us? Obviously, no one can make categorical statements, here, but just think about it for a while. Some mediums pride themselves at being able to give names, addresses, telephone numbers, license plate numbers, and other such trivial information. As interesting as all this may be to the observer, what does it actually prove or demonstrate? Certainly, it is impressive. Certainly, it proves that some type of psychic link has been established between the medium and the sitter. But, does it really prove survival? Does it really prove that the medium is in contact with your spirit loved one? Not necessarily.

In order to explain our reasons here, let me ask you a question. If you were to die and were suddenly given an opportunity -- perhaps the only one -- to communicate to your earthly loved ones, what do you think you would want to say to them? Would you really want to given them your old address or telephone number? Would you really want to talk about money and romance? Would you not rather wish to convey who you REALLY are: the nature of your personality; your likes and dislikes; what motivated you in life; memories of things you did with your loved ones while on earth? In other words, would you not prefer to convey: "It's really me; I am here with you; I am OK"?

This is precisely the difference between a medium and a psychic. A psychic can give names and addresses. But, only a medium -- one who has touched and linked with the spirit of your loved one -- can convey the true essence, love, and spirit of that person. And that bears with it the greatest of evidence and comfort to one who is grieving.

Thus, we have one of the most profound reasons why people seek genuine spirit communication. We also have one of the greatest sources of disappointment for people who visit mediums.

It's the difference between looking at a picture of your loved one and actually having your loved one there, sharing the experience of that picture with you. Mediums must come to understand this. They must nurture sensitivity: not only to the vibrations of those in Spirit, but to the reasons why spirit seeks to communicate with spirit. Thus it is with evidential mediumship.

Part Two of This Series: Why Seek Inspirational Mediumship?

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