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First Spiritual Temple

6 Jacobs Meadow Rd.

E. Sandwich MA 02537

Celebrating 133 Years of Continuous Service

Since June 28, 1883

A Much-Anticipated Announcement

To All Our Friends


For the past 133 years, the First Spiritual Temple has experienced and been graced with many blessings. As is often the case, amidst life’s blessings come challenges which test one’s faith, strength, and commitment. Our church has certainly faced its share of them. As we confronted and worked through these difficulties, we have always come out the other end stronger and more focused on our vision and God’s calling.


The recent challenge has been no exception; we have worked through it and we now prepare to step into the future. We are pleased to announce that Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis is back with us. Through his own personal struggle and challenge, he has found greater inner strength, a deeper love for God, Christ, and Spirit, and renewed enthusiasm and commitment to the Church. Rev. Simeon stands with co-Trustees Rev. Stephen Fulton and Adele Fagon in the Trustees’ unequivocal commitment to guiding the First Spiritual Temple well into the 21st century.


On September 30, 2013, the Trustees sold the Brookline property. Currently, the Church has its office at:


6 Jacobs Meadow Rd.

East Sandwich, MA 02537-1080


During the next several months, the Trustees will be actively engaged in restructuring a bigger and better First Spiritual Temple. Some of the plans for the remainder of 2017 include:


·         Updating and expanding the Church’s website.

·         An overhaul and expansion of the Church’s written, digital, and internet ministries.

·         Under Rev. Fulton’s direction, the Temple’s Healing Vigil will be restructured and greatly expanded.

·         Classes, courses, and seminars will encompass a greater diversity of religious and spiritual concepts, further affirming the Temple as an Interfaith Church of the Spirit.

·         More guest speakers, lecturers, teachers, and mediums will be invited to serve the Temple. As always, wisdom and experience will be keynotes for all invited guests.

·         Sunday worship services will recommence as soon as possible.

·         The Trustees will be scouting the Cape Cod area for a new Temple, suitable for the needs of the Church.

·         The inauguration of an exciting and much needed Prison Ministry.

·         The formation of the First Spiritual Temple’s “Global Circle Link”. For now, all we can say about this is that it will be very exciting and provide a much-needed service.

·         Rev. Simeon will continue offering private mediumistic sittings and public demonstrations of Spirit communication. He is accepting invitations to lecture and teach.


The Trustees, Pastors, and Church Board will continue to uphold our global reputation as a place of quality worship, instruction, and fellowship.


The First Spiritual Temple has always been a place of love, light, and forgiveness. Mistakes are often made. So long as one learns from and atones for his or her error(s), nothing should prevent one from moving on in life.


As we progress in our plans, we will keep you updated on our website. Thank you and God bless.

The First Spiritual Temple is an Interfaith Church of the Spirit, founded by Marcellus Seth Ayer on June 28, 1883. Our fundamental doctrine states that God is Spirit, we are Spirit, our departed loved ones are Spirit, all life is Spirit; and that is how we are all connected.

Our church is both universal and ancient. We seek to understand the many and varied aspects of religion which have existed upon our planet from the moment we stepped into physical form. We look to the collective Christ Consciousness, as manifested most recently in the Master Jesus, as a most profound example of Spirit alive in the world. We embrace his teachings and accept his challenge to do even greater things than he. 

Marcellus Ayer founded our church in order to address the growing needs of people to understand God, Spirit, spiritualism, death and dying, Jesus Christ, and the Bible in a more practical and working manner. He stood firmly upon the highest ethics and standards of excellence in working with Spirit. We proudly carry that banner today.

As part of our ministry, the First Spiritual Temple hosts the Ayer Institute, a teaching body dedicated to the study, demonstration and advancement of Spirit communication, healing, and the journey of the soul. We have a 4,000-volume library devoted to spiritualism, mediumship, parapsychology, and a variety of religious thought.

We hope that you will find the information within these pages helpful and inspiring. More importantly, we hope that these pages touch your heart, your Spirit, and your hope! We are all Spirit, and that is how we are all connected.

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