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A Trilogy in Mediumship
Three Books That Will Inspire and
Instruct You on Every Aspect of
Working With Spirit

Here is an opportunity to save money and receive three of the best books on mediumship ever written, all for $40. They come on one CD and are published in PDF format.

How to Develop Mediumship and Channeling is written by Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis, Pastor of the First Spiritual Temple. It is our most popular publication, with thousands sold over the years and used in over one hundred development circles throughout the world. This book is concise, well organized and easy to follow. It is a must for both the beginner and the veteran medium.

Guide to Mediumship and Psychical Unfoldment by E. W. and M. H. Wallis is a classic which discusses working with Spirit in a variety of ways. This is a priceless gem that every student of mediumship and psychism should have in his or her collection.

My Life in two Worlds is an autobiography of England's most prestigious and well respected medium from the early 1900's. Mrs. Leonard shares her experiences in a manner to which we can all relate. Her love for Spirit and her deep commitment to mediumship ring loudly from the text. The books ends with several chapters on the development of various forms of mediumship; an added bonus, indeed.

As an added bonus, we include "What My Mediumship Has Taught Me",
an inspiring audio lecture given at the Temple by English medium, Eileen Roberts.

Each book can be ordered on its own by clicking the appropriate link above.
But, if you order this trilogy, you save $15.

Why PDF Format and Why From Us? PDF format can be opened in many different platforms. You can read and print whatever parts of the books you desire. We know that many books are available in PDF format, free of charge, on other web sites. But, with ours, you do not have to worry about copyright issues or downloading; nor do you have to spend hours formatting and proofreading the text. Our CD books are carefully proofread, beautifully formatted for visual and printed use, and come on CD disks with attractive jackets, all for a very reasonable price.

Purchase Price: $40 (S&H Included)

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