Journey of the Soul: Death & Dying

The Question of Reincarnation: Three Part Series

Life in the Spirit World: Three Part Series

The Mystery of Spirit-Soul-Body

When Your Pet Dies: Animals and Survival

Healing and the Human Aura

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The First Spiritual Temple is an independent Interfaith Church of the Spirit.

Throughout our 130-plus year history, we have presented teachings which are both traditional and eclectic. The scope of our teaching ministry ranges from more traditional Christian theology, to modern and ancient Spiritualism, to parapsychology, to metaphysics and what is known as the Ancient Wisdom. This includes: mediumship and channeling; spiritual healing; psychic awareness; reincarnation and the great Law of Karma; death, dying, and life after death; and so much more.

This section of our web site exemplifies the diversity of our teachings. Our intent is to offer a source of responsible, down to earth information on matters of the Spirit which are, often, subject to misunderstanding and confusion.

By no means are we the only source for such teaching, but we do feel that our diverse approach can speak to people from many faiths, denominations, and cultures.

We hope that with every answer you receive, a few new questions will come to mind.

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