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New Year 2006 Messages from Spirit Syrsha and Spirit John


From its inception, in 1883, trance mediumship has played a significant role in the general mission and ministry of the First Spiritual Temple. To bear witness to genuine trance communication, where a Spirit teacher comes forward to inspire and instruct, is truly a remarkable experience.

Today, genuine trance mediumship is rather rare. Its development comes only to those who have, within their mental and physical organisms, a certain type of vital, magnetic energy. This energy is used by Spirit in order to induce varying degrees of control over the medium. In this state of control, the Spirit communicator is able to impact directly the body and the consciousness of the medium and speak in a more direct fashion.

Over the generations, our Church has witnessed countless trance addresses, given through various mediums, over various periods of time. It is, indeed, a vital part of our history.

Up until his passing in 2017, we were blessed with the trance mediumship of Rev. Stephen Fulton. Rev. Stephen Fulton worked as a trance medium for over 40 years. During that time, his Spirit teachers and guardians have been a great source of insight, inspiration, healing, and teaching. Throughout his work as a trance medium, various Spirit guides spoke through him. It is evident that certain Spirit teachers guided him and worked with him through the various phases and growing stages of his mediumship.

In his involvement with the Church, since 1973, our founder, Marcellus Ayer, and several others others from our past have come forward and spoken to us, through Rev. Stephen's mediumship. He was examined by doctors, therapists, psychologists, and parapsychologists in order to determine the degree and validity of his mediumship. All came to the same conclusion: Some personality, other than that of Rev. Stephen, speaks through him when he invites the condition of trance to overshadow his organism.

There were two primary Spirit teachers who spoke through Rev. Stephen's mediumship: Syrsha, an ancient Egyptian; and John, a guide devoted to the Healing Ministry. Both worked with the medium in a most delightful and harmonious manner. Anyone who knew Rev. Stephen and heard Syrsha and John speak know that each of these three individuals has his own flair of dialogue and his own perspectives on life and the journey of the Spirit.

We are pleased to devote this section of our web site to the Spirit teachings of the First Spiritual Temple, as they were given through Rev. Stephen's mediumship.

To learn more about Spirit Syrsha and Spirit John, you can select the links (above) for them.

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