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Journey of the Soul
A Learning Experience You Will Never Forget

51 Lesson Titles:

Lesson One:

The Monad

Lesson Two:

The Planes of Life

Lesson Three:

Group Souls

Lesson Four:

Individualization & Personality

Lesson Five:

The Process of Reincarnation - I

Lesson Six:

The Process of Reincarnation - II

Lesson Seven:

The Bodies of Man

Lesson Eight:

The Human Aura - I

Lesson Nine:

The Human Aura - II

Lesson Ten:

The Human Aura - III

Lesson Eleven:

Death: The Opening of the Way - I

Lesson Twelve:

Death: The Opening of the Way - II

Lesson Thirteen:

Death: An Esoteric Perspective

Lesson Fourteen:

Spirit Communication - I

Lesson Fifteen:

Spirit Communication - II

Lesson Sixteen:

The Astral Plane - I

Lesson Seventeen:

The Astral Plane - II

Lesson Eighteen:

The Astral Plane - III

Lesson Nineteen:

The Astral Plane - IV

Lesson Twenty:

The Astral Plane - V

Lesson Twenty One:

The Astral Plane - VI

Lesson Twenty-Two:

The Astral Plane - VII

Lesson Twenty-Three:

The Astral Plane - VIII

Lesson Twenty-Four:

The Mental Plane - I

Lesson Twenty-Five:

The Mental Plane - II

Lesson Twenty-Six:

The Mental Plane - III

Lesson Twenty-Seven:

The Power & Use of Thought - I

Lesson Twenty-Eight:

The Power & Use of Thought - II

Lesson Twenty-Nine:

The Power & Use of Thought - III

Lesson Thirty:

The Mental Plane - IV

Lesson Thirty-One:

The Mental Plane - V

Lesson Thirty-Two:

The Mental Plane - VI

Lesson Thirty-Three:

The Home of the Soul

Lesson Thirty-Four:

Chakras: Temples of Light - I

Lesson Thirty-Five:

Chakras: Temples of Light - II

Lesson Thirty-Six:

Chakras: Temples of Light - III

Lesson Thirty-Seven:

Chakras: Temples of Light - IV

Lesson Thirty-Eight:

Chakras: Temples of Light - V

Lesson Thirty-Nine:

Chakras: Temples of Light - VI

Lesson Forty:

Chakras: Temples of Light - VII

Lesson Forty-One:

The Life Between Lives - I

Lesson Forty-Two:

The Life Between Lives - II

Lesson Forty-Three:

The Return of the Spirit - I

Lesson Forty-Four:

The Return of the Spirit - II

Lesson Forty-Five:

The Return of the Spirit - III

Lesson Forty-Six:

The Return of the Spirit - IV

Lesson Forty-Seven:

The Return of the Spirit - V

Lesson Forty-Eight:

Masters and the Hierarchy

Lesson Forty-Nine:

Human Initiation

Lesson Fifty:

The New Millennium and Christ's Reappearance

Lesson Fifty-One:

Questions & Answers

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