What is Mediumship?

What is Trance Mediumship and Channeling?

Why Seek Spirit Communication?: Three Part Series

Helpful Hints on Consulting a Medium or Psychic

Physical Mediumship: Three Part Series

The Ethics of Mediumship by Eileen Garrett

Helpful Hints on Development

Pioneers in Mediumship and Psychic Research

A Tribute to Eileen Roberts


Biographical Sketches:
Honoring Those Pioneers Who Made a Difference
In Mediumship and Parapsychology

A lesson which Spirit and the Pastors of the First Spiritual Temple endeavor to impart to the church congregation is that of remembering: remembering our roots, as Spirit; remembering our past; remembering that we are born of God's Spirit; and remembering those who came before us, laying the groundwork for our journeys.

If we forget the past, then we fall victim to cutting ourselves off from the roots which nurture us. If we forget those who came before us, then we fall victim to severing our ties from the very foundation stones upon which our human legacy stands. And, without a strong foundation, all structures will eventually topple to the ground.

Messages from Spirit are important. Remembering -- day to day -- those who came before us is even more important. Honoring the dead is, perhaps, the greatest testimony that any one of us can give to those who have come before us. Remembrance and Honor should be the true witness of all Spiritualists, regardless of how they practice their Spiritualism.

Within these pages, we take time to remember and honor the pioneer mediums, proponents, workers, and researchers whose commitment and dedication allow us the freedom to profess and practice Christian Spiritualism in an open society.

Certainly, the people whom these pages remember are not the only pioneers of Spiritualism, but they do represent a cross-section of the work done during those exciting times. We hope that, after reading these short biographies, you will take a few moments to think of these people and extend your personal prayers and expressions of thanks.

Proponents and Researchers:

Pioneer Mediums:

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