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The Phenomena of Physical Mediumship

One of the most noted materialization mediums was Florence Cooke, who was thoroughly researched by Sir William Crookes. In this photograph, we have the full-form materialization of the spirit known as Katie King. Sir William placed his reputation, as a scientist, on the line by investigating and proclaiming, as quite genuine, Florence Cooke's mediumship. His findings can be found in the classic, "Researches", by Sir William Crookes.

Many circles for physical mediumship begin by sitting around a table. If conditions are right, raps and taps will be heard coming from within the table. Often the table will rock, lift, and eventually levitate completely off the floor. In this photograph, we have the famous Italian physical medium, Eusapia Paladino (middle). Although genuine and quite remarkable phenomena took place with her mediumship, she did take pleasure in fooling and playing games with the researchers. This tended to place a shroud of doubt about her.

In many ways, physical mediumship does adhere to the laws of physics. Here, we see the production of what is known as ectoplasmic rods. It is through the production of these rods that levitation often occurs. Generally, the rods are constructed from an invisible form of ectoplasm. William J. Crawford spent many years investigating the Goligher circle (Kathleen Goligher, the medium). Through his researches, he ascertained that spirit uses these rods very much like a cantilever in order to apply the necessary force to levitate an object. His findings can be found in the book, "The Reality of Psychic Phenomena: Raps, Levitations, Etc.", by W. J. Crawford.

Here, we have a photograph of a slate drawing done at our Church just before the turn of the century. In slate drawing, two slates are placed together, with a writing instrument or chalk between them. The slates are, then, tied together. When the slates are separated, writing or pictures often appear. This picture is dark because the background is the black slate.


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