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The Phenomena of Physical Mediumship

This photograph was taken by the famed researcher Schrenck Notzing. It shows the materialized face of the actress Monna Delza. The medium is a young French girl, known as Eva C. Photographs of the actress show a remarkable likeness to the materialization. This, along with many other recordings of physical phenomena, are compiled in Baron Von Schrenck Notzing's classic, "Phenomena of Materialisation" published in 1920.

Full materialization; the most amazing phenomenon observed through physical mediumship. This is a photograph of the materialized spirit, known as Bien Boa. The medium is Madame Noel. It was her mediumship which ultimately convinced psychic researcher, Professor Charles Richet, of the genuineness of materialization.

Here, we see the formation of an independent voice box from ectoplasm. The medium is Boston's famous "Margery" Crandon. The ectoplasm is seen coming from the nasal passage. The voice box is forming on her right shoulder. Her guide, Walter, often spoke through the process of direct voice. Our site contains an article on the Margery mediumship.

A hand is being formed from ectoplasm, again with "Margery" Crandon. She was particularly noted for the production of wax gloves, where an independent spirit hand would form (from ectoplasm), dip itself into melted wax, and then disappear, leaving a complete and seamless wax glove.

More Photographs of Phenomena


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