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Our Hope in the Future

By Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis


It is the season of Light, Miracles, and Hope. Everywhere we look, the symbols of the season seem to jump out at us, as if to say, Be joyful; be merry; have hope and faith.” For some, this season lifts them up and gives them a renewed sense of all that is good within the Human Family. For others, this season is one of sadness, grief, and a cascade of memories of better times gone by.


Regardless of what feelings and emotions this season brings up, I am sure you will agree that we are living in stressful and worrisome times. Never in my 40 years of ministry have I heard so many people express concerns of fear, anxiety, and, for some, even a sense of doom and gloom. And there is a good reason for this. The global community seems to be on the verge of nuclear disaster; one from which no one wins, and everyone loses. No matter what some political leaders may claim, no country will survive such a disaster.


Despite what some political leaders may claim, global warming is a real threat; again, one from which no one wins, and everyone loses.


To paraphrase Dickens, it is, indeed, “The best of times and the worst of times.” Better suited for us today, one might say, “It could be the best of times, or it could be the worst of times.” As always, the choice is ours. God gave us a most wondrous gift; a gift which, to me, shows His great faith and love in the Human Family. God gave us the gift of “Choice.” And what a gift it is. Men and women have died in the defense of this gift. Nations which refuse to engage this gift within their citizens are doomed, sooner or later, to fail. Nations which openly acknowledge this gift and promote it within their social, legal, and political frameworks will thrive. But, and this is a big “but”, with this gift, God set into motion one eternal and universal law: personal and collective responsibility for the choices which we are granted to make.


Personal” and “collective” responsibility. Most people can understand that we are each personally responsible for the choices we make. But, what about choices which others make? What about choices and pathways which countries across the globe make? Are we all responsible for those choices? That hardly seems fair! But, “We are family” is far more than a catchy, feel-good song. It is reality. Whether we like it or not, we are all in this together and we are all responsible, one to another, as members of the great Human Experience.


Sobering, is it not?


But, wait! There is good news. And I place my full hope in what the future will hold.


Amidst all the comments and concerns about stress and anxiety, I also see something wonderful emerging from within our Family. I see a young generation – Millennials, Generation-X, Indigo Children; call them what you will, as names are of no importance – who are genuinely concerned for our future and for those who live today. Amidst the constant bombardment of media fear and political upheaval, I come across, now and then, a report of a young person (sometimes in his or her pre-adolescent years) manifesting random acts of kindness. I see a generation which seems genuinely concerned for the welfare of Mother Earth and Her beloved inhabitants of all Kingdoms, not just Human. I see a generation who actively resists the current notion of Nationalism and strives to promote true Globalism. I see a generation willing to stand upon principles and ethics and speak out against all that would diminish the sanctity and dignity of the Human Person.


Some are working through the vehicle of Religion; others choose different pathways to manifest a future of “Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward All.” It matters not what race, faith, or society these young people come from; what matters is that they are each a member of the Human Family; indeed, a member of a Global Community and Ecology, which includes Humans, Animals, Plants, and the Earth upon which we reside. What matters to these young people is the wonder of “Unity Amidst Diversity”; something which our political and religious leaders must embrace, or they will be replaced by the forces of the New Age to come.


Slowly, but surely, this young generation is the vehicle by which we will pass from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.


I am a post-war “Baby-Boomer” and I have seen some amazing advances in technology; the speed of which, I believe, far exceeds our capacity to cope with it. OMG, could this be Atlantis coming back to “haunt” us? Or could this be Atlantis coming back to give us a chance to get it right this time around. I prefer to accept the latter, and I believe the young generation is doing just that. Despite the wonders which the founders of Facebook, Amazon, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and the like have presented to us, I am not talking about these personages. I am talking about a younger generation of ordinary kids who seek to usher in a new age of spirituality more than a new age of technology. Can spirituality and technology work together? I believe they can, provided we do not place the cart before the horse. It is spirituality which must be the driving force behind technology; not the other way around. If we reverse that order, then we shall surely become enslaved to the technology which we create. As always, the choice is ours to make!


So, my friends, during this festive season, I would encourage you to have faith in the hope of the future. The future lies in the hands of those who are being born upon our good earth today. And from what I have seen, this new generation of souls bears with them a tremendous opportunity for genuine advancement both in the spirituality and the technology of the Human Family. I also believe that this new generation of souls understands the responsibility they bear with them in being born at this time in our history. It may be deeply embedded in their DNA, as seems to be an amazing understanding of technology. As Spirit, they bring with them an inherent understanding of technology which, quite frankly, defies my comprehension. Even though my mind may be boggled by this inherent understanding, my Spirit/Soul sees, in full clarity, the underlying Spirit which they also bring with them.


Hats off to our young people! Does this diminish those of us who are a bit more advanced in earthly years? Absolutely not! After all, it is we who have paved the pathway for their arrival.


I wish you all a most joyous and blessed holiday season and great hope for our future.


Rev. Simeon




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