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New Year 2006 Messages from Spirit Syrsha and Spirit John


From the Teachings Of
Spirit John

Rev. Stephen Fulton, Trance Medium


"New Year Message: 2006"


Sunday Morning, January 22, 2006



(A long and expectant period of silence)


Silence can be quite disturbing. But silence as we have spoken of so very many times is filled with love, is filled with kindness, is filled with all of the things we need to touch as Spirit, both at home, with the Kingdoms of Spirit and on Earth in the Kingdoms of Spirit where we come to see that we exist between the two.


It is John.


Its important for us to understand and begin in this new year a review so to speak of several years past to bring them together. And to point out what they have meant and how they may in fact help us as we pursue not just the gifts of the Spirit, but the Spirit of the Spirit, coming together, the joy. The coming together, the trying to understand what we are doing as Spirit and is our Spirit matching up with what we think we are doing in our lives upon the Earth. Its simple but yet to see it simply is extremely complicated.


So, we begin to continue where Syrsha has been speaking and we are attempting to be more specific, more direct. Because it seems that is the best way to go about it in these times. And then, when we come together, we come together to find all the aspects of ourselves, not just the ones we think we need, but also the ones we desperately need.


And I chose this mornings Scripture that was read. Its a Scripture about love. Its a Scripture about the fact that love is firm and solid. Its a Scripture that says to us that love has a power, that love has a being, that when it touches any of us or dwells within us, our lives can be transformed. Then, before I was able to love and to perceive what it meant to me and those around me I saw dimly. I didnt pay attention to a lot of things. I didnt really think that my actions could create any problem, I only thought they could create good.


Love. Thinking about what were doing. Love. Again, the power is so strong that it binds the heavens and the earth together. Its not an unconditional love -- unconditional loves has too many conditions placed upon them -- the major of which is not to ever have to say, Im sorry. Love, says the opposite. We must always be aware when we need to be sorry, that we need to come together, when we need to be sensitive to one another whether we know the person or not. Love then, is a tremendous power and I want you to think about that in this new year. To think about it in terms in your own personal life and what you can do and build within your life and in how you respond to others and how we all can respect others. And understanding that love is not just a word, not just a nice thing to say, but love is a law, love is a principle, love is healing.


The Scripture tells us Jesus Christ tells us, God tells us, to Moses and the Prophets of old. We can know as much about a subject as anyone on the face of the Earth could ever know. We could have a knowledge which allows us to bring all manner of things together and to present the aspects of many things both spiritual and otherwise, to bring a joy in the fact that we can understand how many things come together. And in our knowledge, we acquire more and more. And knowledge is a good thing. But knowledge will pass away. It will be gone at some point along the way. How many people have held the greatest amounts and worked with the greatest degrees of knowledge and of teaching throughout the course of time whose brilliance was beyond imagination. The moment they decided and came to the realization that time was come to step into the Kingdom of God without the physical body, that knowledge now ceased. Did it cease in Spirit? Not really. But knowledge can just simply be done away with through all manner of situations that be faced upon the Earth. Knowledge gives us hope and direction. Knowledge allows us to determine what is factual and not. That knowledge helps us to discover the importance of faith which is the bridge between two mountains that help us find balance. Knowledge helps us to become when in the world, better people. Knowledge should help us to be aware of what we can do around and with other people. Knowledge then, compared to love will pass away from the earth and even at times, from the Spirit. Love will be the chest which keeps the treasure of treasures which lives within us which is within all of us that will keep it solid. We can have all the gifts of the Spirit, we can be strong mediums, we can be strong healers, we can prophesy, we can speak in tongues, but those will pass away and their need will pass away. But love will remain. Love will stand strong above it all. The Word of God is Love. The Word of God is Spirit. The Word of God is how you come into being; how we all come into being.


Love isnt puffed up; Love does not go and dress itself to look kindly, to look pleasant, then, turn around and destroy itself. Love isnt arrogant, love isnt rude. And this can mean to a very large degree that becomes a problem with us all at times and for some, a serious problem. We can present the face of love: I care; I believe; I know, where we can present statements of support and caring towards others where we can let others know that we will always be there, our standard and our principle is strong, we will always be there. And then, we can turn around with any person, any Spirit, and begin to complain about them to others. To begin to determine that what we want is not what that person is doing. And while Im showing love, Im trying to kill you at the same time with words, with knowledge.


We have all come to the point in life over the course of time and in the present time to know those people which take freely of the love and the caring and the kindness of others and then when they turn around they become ruthless in their tongue. Its stinging like the fires of Hades. We can all come to the mind to realize that when we complain about others to others and we become severely judgmental of everything around us but never honestly presenting it, then we as Spirit can honestly say and come to know, we do not have love. Not to the degree to which I would pray that it would help me mold my life, help me mold my principles and my characters, and help me join together with others rather than to give the appearance of joining and of love, but doing the opposite.


This is important to understand because if we can understand the things we are actually doing we can begin to bring enormous change into our lives. Our own personal lives will become more empowered, more complete.


When we come to understand what we are actually doing rather than what we are saying, then we find the strength to climb mountains. We find the strength to get through times and periods of grief. WE find the strength to walk up to someone we dont know and be honored to see them and where we can walk up to those we do know and say we care about and then turn around and pursue our own agenda for which they do not belong. It gives us the ability, this love, this caring to feel ourselves. To begin to sense who we are. To begin to hear the birds sing more beautifully and louder than we ever noticed. To where we can hear the cricket performing its time of witness in evening, talking to the moon and to the stars and to the trees and to all who will listen. We can come to be more profoundly involved in our lives. Not just in our selves, but in our lives. Because what we have within us, everyone around us, needs. As long as we begin to build the connection which allows that caring and that love to exist, to come about.


Again, that brings us to the point of understanding what it is we believe. Do we believe a thing or do we simply talk about it? When hard times come, and our beliefs become challenged does the love we have for God and for those around us give us the strength to move through a war, a famine, a flood? Does it give us the strength to be a light in the darkness? And when we are reaching in the darkness and cannot seem to touch anyone, our love, our caring, our reason of Spirit, come together and we know and we can deeply feel and we can be deeply touched just as we can deeply touch.


The whole message is really very simple: believe in love. When you believe, stand upon what you believe. Give it strength and build with it. When you believe, be willing to put yourself into what you believe. And this does not mean stand on your beliefs at all cost because then we are in danger of becoming foolish. And so, we must begin to move and to evolve as we learn, as we come to experience the Spirit that we are, the Spirit of those around us. God wants us to be alive. God wants us to be filled with joy; God wants us to have faith; God wants us to know that together we can move through all things. Together we can move through all things if we believe. If we believe.


Can someone believe who says, I believe; who does things to let people come to the conclusion that they believe but then turn around without knowing it, without realizing what they might be doing, to speak words and to do things to undermine those very people that we love. Can we feel whole, or do we know something was missing? And thats where understanding love comes into this picture. And understanding it may simply be feeling it, caring. We cannot be all-knowing with respect to love, but we can certainly be recipients of it and we can certainly share it. And we do it by stumbling, but we can always pick ourselves up and God will always bless us, not for the many times we have stumbled but for the many times we have gotten up, brushed ourselves off, and moved forward. Now sometimes when we fall we get back up, we might be a little dizzy or disoriented and start trying to figure out just where forward is. Then we need to be still in our lives; we need to be quiet. We need to feel the Spirit within as God touches us and very quickly we will find that direction.


Love is healing. Feeling is healing. Believing is healing. We have never advocated in any way, nor did Mr. Ayer, that people believe blindly. Use your head and use your heart. But they have to be kept balanced because there are points in which the head will overcome the heart, where knowledge and technique and some cases what we should do to obtain better karma or to get into heaven. We need not worry but we do need to know that we have to be involved. We have to commit to things. A commitment to God is a promise that we will try to keep in all ways that we can. A commitment to our neighbors is a promise that we will be there in all ways that we can. A promise to our loved ones is that we will be firm in what we believe, we will be firm in what we do together and be firm to stand with each other no matter what may happen. Commitment: a scary word but a very simple process, a very simple bridge that moves us to love and to hope and to faith. It moves us into being able to recall and discover the process of healing within ourselves every second of every day.


I should not fear when I look into the mirror and I see dimly my reflection. But I do need to have that faith and believe that there have been times and there will be times when I can look into that mirror and then see face to face all that I am. What happens to us when we reach a point where we cannot turn our backs, where we cannot say words that will please, where we cannot hide in our closets because we will see ourselves face to face. Will we say, hello? Will we scream? Will a smile come upon your face and say, its all true.


When we come and we see ourselves face-to-face its an amazing conversation. We want to remind you of the fact that you are real. That love is what you are made of; that Spirit is who you truly are and that your meaning and purpose in life is to discover the reality of these things, to understand how they work within you and how you can use them within your hopes and faith toward others. Never try to determine how someone else can use them. And when you come before the tent the God, to feel, to find healing, to find love, there are so many people in the physical world who so need to find love, who so need to have someone, anyone, show care to them, as if they meant something in the world or in Spirit. There are so many people who are lonely. So, lonely it reaches a point of being extraordinarily painful. Theres so many people who are hungry, thirsty, in pain; so many people who are holding loved ones who are dying in their arms and no one can do anything about it. Thats when we hear the call from God and God says, Who can I send? Who will show care? Who will show love? You cant do everything for everyone in the world but you can start with a single step one that steps outside of ourselves into a world we can begin to see. The world is filled with unpleasant things. The world is filled with sadness and with horror. But the world is filled also with joy and with love and has the capacity for every soul that reaches out, every person who reaches out to have someone reach back to them. Thats the condition of love. Whether you can go to them or you become aware of them by finding out what people suffer. And think and feel. And light a candle when you pray and dont just pray because I dont know what else to do. Pray because you want to send your heart and your spirit to those in need. And when you see people around you in your daily lives; when you see people in your family, when you see people as neighbors who need someone to reach out and to touch them, to reach out to touch them in soul, in heart, to show that they care, that someone cares. Dont pass that person by because there are people starving overseas. Pray for both, reach for both. To eliminate one is to eliminate ourselves from seeing, and then we see dimly. But we want to see clearly and face-to-face.


Love is about who we are. The world today in societies is straying greatly from that path. The world is becoming more and more and more about me. Forgetting who we are, forgetting we are Spirit, forgetting that God reaches to us. Let us remember: if we remember any words out of what was mentioned this morning, that will help you find a path which you hope to seek, for which you seek, then meditate about it, think about it. Ask God to help you, ask Spirit to touch you and you too, can tend the fires of Gods love and healing for those to see who travel from the distance in the darkness to know whether you can save a person or whether you believe its possible. It is hope. Amongst all of these let us care and love for one another.


A good example of love is the day today in which we are celebrating Florence Berlins involvement with the First Spiritual Temple. Involvement with life, someone from the past who lives in the present and who will very much be touched in the moment of the now as she and we move into the future.


May God touch you deeply, may you feel Gods presence. May you know that your life radiates life, love, and Spirit. The program you create in that broadcast is what you want the world to know. May God be with you.


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