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From the Teachings Of
Spirit John
Rev. Stephen Fulton, Trance Medium

"Find Peace and Add Years to Your Life"

Bible Reference: PROVERBS 2:1-15

Greetings. I come to you in the joy and the glory and the wonder of God, our Father and of Jesus Christ, our brother; where from the Kingdom, we are joined eternally in the promise of God's belief in us.

This morning, I want to speak to you about healing. And it's important that we try to understand how healing is attached to other things -- other things in your life; your daily life; and in the life of the experience of your Spirit.

The Scripture reading that you received this morning; it talks about such things as adding peace and time to your lives; not to your Spirit, but to your lives, while on earth. Believe in the Lord. Believe in God, and He will guide your way. Believe in the Lord, and He will add peace, reducing stress and giving you longer days, more fruitful days, less days of pain and anguish and anger.

God does not run around, trying to punish people. God, within us, is trying to help us see the things we need to see.

Do you need to find peace and relaxation in your life? Do you need to find hope and faith? Do you need to develop the trust in God that you have in yourself? Do you need to find healing -- mentally, physically, and emotionally? I don't believe there are very many, upon this Earth plane, who would say "no" to any of those. However, let's take a look at what generally happens. If you see yourself in this picture, paint it, copy it, keep it, fold it, staple it, or mutilate it. If it's your picture, do what you want. But, do not see the picture in any one else. That's important to understand.

When God says "Follow My guidance. I will lead you along the straight road," He doesn't say there won't be obstacles in that road, or potholes as you put it. He doesn't say there will not be problems, because, after all, He's put you in charge of your choices. But, no matter how bad the choices you might make, God promises to walk that road with us, throughout; loyal to us utterly. We need to find a loyalty to God.

Do not be upset at the reproof of the Lord. Do not be angry about the reproof of the Lord. Guidance; trying to help you to understand something that you may be doing that's harming you; constructive criticism; trying to get you to feel the connection between things, so that when you are building, you are not taking the stone for the second floor from the foundation of your house. People do that a lot. And then, they cannot understand why, when they sit back to see what they have, it was a pile of rubble.

Do not be upset with the reproof of the Lord. Because God only enters into this because he loves you so.

Peace. What happens when things go wrong in our lives? God says, "Call on Me. I will guide you. I will be with you. I will make your road straight." And peace will follow you and add years to your life.

For many, that means that's an old order from an angry, old God. But, from reality, it is a loving thought and gesture, given to a people who did not know about stress in the way you do; who did not know about some of the problems that you have. And you do not of some of the problems which they had, or still have.

What, often, will happen: something goes wrong in our daily lives; an argument with a family member or someone at work; a friend, someone on a bus. What begins to transpire is that we get angry. And as we get more angry, our stress rises. And as our stress rises, we become more unpredictable; we come to the point where we have disturbed everyone around us and disturbed ourselves so deeply that we have actually altered the physical body.

We believe in God and we believe in God's promises. Then we must ask ourselves: if this is so, why am I so stressed out; why am I so upset and so angry? Why do I let things bother me so deeply? It's a part of building trust, a part of listening to God; a part of trusting that God can do more in your life than you can, at any given time. It is your duty, your function, your place, your hope to manifest the choices and decisions in your life, to make those things work.

Add years to your life. So, you need to ask a question: in the process of your life and in the process of healing, God has told me these things and I need to trust and be at peace. But, I live in a world which does not trust and cannot find peace. The battle is on. But the battle must not be a full-fledged battle, or you will be, again, not at peace.

Trust, have faith, and hope. And believe in God. And believe that God is with you. Believe that God will help you. If you're running around like a broken spring -- bobbing all over the earth -- you will not hear, see, feel anything from God -- other, perhaps, than you will assume that He is chasing you, rather than trying to catch you.

Add peace; add years to your life. Not a command, but a promise. When these words were spoken, it was not in a modern, scientific age. It was in an age when people just did not understand these things. But, by following the law and the commandments of God, they found than what exists in the world today. But, their faith and their hope was always tried. And that is the simple fact that you need to look at: that if you are tried, do not give up. Your hope, your peace, your faith, your life, your promise to God, to you, and healing, into the many areas of your life and of your body are given over to understanding and belief. And if we listen to the guidance of the Lord and God corrects us, we should not rebel; oh how we have always rebelled against the Lord, our God. Ever since we ate that piece of fruit (the apple, in the Garden of Eden). That's what it was.

Do you think anyone in the world has changed in that respect? If Mom and Dad say anything to correct you, and you happen to know it all, already, you have eaten the fruit and rebel the judgment and reproof. It may not always be the best judgment, but we rebel.

And, if God is going to guide us and give us His reproof, His correction, His direction, then we feel diminished because we did not have it first. Or we have to admit that we need God's guidance and reproof. And so, we rebel and, very often, we rebel against all the gifts of the Spirit. And that's the life journey: finding out what is real for you and what God has given to you, that you are free to choose and to build your life, both in Heaven and on earth. But, all rights are not reserved.

Build them, mind them, and experience them, in all the ways that you can. And this will add to your life peace, years, and healing -- healing of the Spirit, of the soul, of the mind, of the brain, of the physical body; healing of your life and healing of the things which you draw to yourselves: the people you draw, the friends you draw; the concepts which you draw. And we can ask ourselves, in this, as we look upon it and try to enjoin it: what did we do with the gifts that God gave to us? What did we do and what fruit has come out of what God has given us?

It's not whether you have done a thing; it's what you think about what you've done. And you may find them vastly different concepts.

Let us, then, reach from within. Let us speak to God in our spirits, that we might remember. And in this, a whole world needs to find deeply. Never find peace where religions are tearing each other apart, proclaiming people of its earth and of the heavens to be evil; creating crusades against those who they do not like. You will not find peace. You will not find the Jesus Christ of comfort. You will not find the Savior. But you will find a judge.

Jesus says: "I come to comfort you" -- which means stir you up.

One day, I suspect, you will find the "Jesus Park", with the "Resurrection Ride", and a cafeteria called the "Last Supper." Then you will know; no one else will have to say a word. Then, again, you have that now; you always have.

Healing comes from God. It comes from the heart. It comes from your Spirit. It comes by the way you are in life. It comes by who you are in life. Not how much you have; not how much you can do; not how much you have accomplished; not how wise you are with your time; not how wise you are with your money; but who you are! That you have found wisdom through searching for God; but that you did not find that wisdom through your own eyes and you do not proclaim yourself to be wise. To do so, as you know, is a statement of an unwise person. So, we come together, we grow together.

When you pray, we can think that God did not answer us, because what we wanted did not happen. Or we can pray and, then, we will sit down and God's reproof will come upon us to show us what we need to do to change something -- some call it conscience. We are not happy. "Someone's trying to force me to change. But I am praying for change. Someone's trying to help me understand, but I don't want to understand that; I want to understand this."

Listen, be quiet, and you will hear God, and you will feel God in your hearts and in your souls. And if we search God, He will make our roads straight; that's healing. We will find peace, and that's healing. We will find understanding, and that's healing. We will find wisdom, and that's healing. And we will find that God's assisting us and guiding us, with His thoughts, do not diminish ours; and that's healing.

Think about it. Think about being in a situation in which God is guiding you and expects you to walk the road. Make mistakes if you have to. Get up and make them again. It's getting up that counts.

Think about it: someone walking with you, no matter where you go! Do not, then, rebel when you hear things you may not want to hear, to help to give you direction. For these things are also healing and have great powers of healing.

Healing is not just a prayer. Healing is not just the laying on of hands. Healing is not just something people can dispense through the process of just energies without concepts. Healing is about you, your life, the things you do, the things that you are a part of, the things that you make happen.

You, as a Spirit, receive of healing. And that healing in the world can spread, unless everyone assumes "right of way" on that road. And then, everything is just too slow.

Be healed. Find hope. Find peace. Find comfort. Find love. Find understand. Find wisdom. And consider it one of the most important blessings that you can find is that you can feel and hear God suggest the things you need to do to make all you want -- plus -- come true. This, too, is healing.


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