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Welcome to the First Spiritual Temple's Healing Ministry. This area of our Web Site is devoted specifically to Spiritual Healing and related areas of thought. In many ways, it is a site unto itself through which you may travel the wondrous road of healing -- for yourself, for others, and even for your pets.

~ Please Note ~

Our online Healing Vigil is currently being reorganized to help serve the healing needs of our global community.

Please continue to check it out, as the Vigil will be

completed very soon.


Spirit's Greetings


Prayer Circle Link

A brief greeting from spirit John, received inspirationally by Rev. Stephen Fulton.


Our Spirit Healing Circle.


Prayer Chapel

Enter the Prayer Chapel to submit your healing requests. Here, you will find a Prayer Book, where you can submit your healing requests for persons or pets.



After You Submit a Healing Request

A brief explanation of what happens to your Healing Request once you submit it to us.

Healing Inspirations

Inspirational trance communications on Spiritual Healing, given by spirit John, through the mediumship of Rev. Stephen Fulton.

History of Healing Vigil

A brief history of the First Spiritual Temple's Healing Vigil.

Articles on Spiritual Healing

Here you can find inspiring and informative articles and comments on the various aspects of Spiritual Healing.

Healing Links

Follow the links on this page to consult other sources of healing and related subjects.

We hope that this experience with Spiritual Healing leaves you with light, comfort, and hope.
Thank you and God bless you!

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