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Let Us Pray For One Another

Let Us Pray For Peace

We invite you to join us in prayer and healing on behalf of the people listed below. Prayer is universal. It adheres to no religion or denomination. It is a gift of the Spirit, granted to us all by the Holy and Healing Spirit of God.

Spend a few moments in prayer for those brothers and sisters of the Spirit in need of healing. We update this page periodically. Thank you and God bless you!

Healing Requests Submitted For Week of:

March 15, 2009



Healing Request

18790 George Ogochukwu Ehirim Lagos, Nigeria Please please pray us this time to overcome all the negativity around us. I am asking GOD to be our going and our coming in in JESUS name amen.
18791 Drew Stamford, Connecticut Prayers for complete healing of Drew's body. Restoration of his ability to speak, breathe, swallow and move his limbs effortlessly.
18792 Marco Panzeri Oggiono, Italy Plese help me with prayers for anxiety, anxiety and more anxiety for my brother'life. I'm afraid he happen bad things.
18793 Jason Scott Middleton, Manchester, England I have been through cancer treatment which has left me with some side effects. These are extreme shortness of breath, tiredness and pains in the joints and recently a poor memory. Can you send me as much healing as possible please.
18794 Names not provided Iraq and the United States My parents emotional upset and anger has created fragmentation in my family regarding a situation of custody and visitation of my granddaughter. My parents and my granddaughter's father (my son) are barely speaking. He is in Iraq and unable to deal with the issue. Please pray for a peaceful resolution for this situation as well as my son's safety.
18795 Kevin Scott Memphis, Tennessee My nephew Kevin, who is 36 years old has been told by doctors that he has stage 4 cancer in his bones, lungs, pancreas and hips. He is only expected to live 2-3 more days. Please surround him with healing light and love.
18796 Denise O'Dell Tucson, Arizona Denise has breast cancer and is taking chemotherapy. Please provide her with strength and healing.
18797 Stanislav Hušek Mělník, Czech republik úleva od bolestí, duševní síla a energie. Bolesti páteře, nemoc střev
18798 Jarmila Týnková Horní Beřkovice, Czech republik únava, stres.

Online Healing List for Pets

Prayer given by Spirit John, on behalf of all people on this page:

"We join with you in your prayers and needs. Please know that we pray with you, as you touch our hearts! May God hold you, and bring you calm and peace in the middle of your storms. You were born to be greater than the storm; that is the wonder of your spirit, which is forever God's Promise!"

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