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How to Develop Mediumship:
A Working Guide to Unfoldment

~ Now in Full Color ~

Everything You Need to Know About
Mediumship and Spirit Channeling
From Loved-Ones and Other Spirit Forces

A clear and concise study guide to understanding, developing, and working with mediumship and spirit channeling. Lots of practical, hands-on guidance on this most misunderstood gift of the Spirit. Included are seven suggested circle meetings to help you get started. This study guide is used by hundreds of development circles around the world.

Written by Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis, Pastor of the First Spiritual Temple, teacher, and working medium for over 40 years.

Recently revised and updated pages. Divided into 11 lessons. Professionally spiral bound.

Here are brief excerpts from selected lessons:

This study guide is a must for the beginner and the working medium and an absolute necessity for every development circle or group.

~ The CD Version is No Longer Available ~

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Full Color Book Version ($30):

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