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The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
By Levi H. Dowling

100th Anniversary of the Original

For years, this book was considered the Gospel for Theosophists and Spiritualists. It presents the life of Jesus in a manner which, in most ways, coincides with the Biblical Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John, but adds so much more: for instance, the missing years of Jesus' life; why the Magi really came to honor the Christ child; the wonderful relationship which Mary, mother of Jesus, and Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, had with each other and the major roles each woman played in the training of her son.

The Aquarian Gospel came about from reading the Akashic Records and connects very strongly to what Edgar Cayce said about the life of Christ. Theologians and historians may find a few points of historical inaccuracy, but the overall presentation of the life, the teaching, and the ministry of Jesus, the Christ, brings him right out of the pages of Scripture and into the hearts and souls of people, as a man and as a prophet of God.

This book is a must for all who are looking for a more humanistic and a more complete portrayal of this singularly unique man and his mission as channel for the Great Christ Spirit.

We have taken great care to proofread and format this wonderful book in an attractive manner. Words spoken by Christ are in red and words spoken by others are in blue. The remainder of the text is in black.

~ Rebirth of the Classics ~

A rebirth of some of the greatest literature dealing with Spiritualism, Mediumship, Psychic Research and Esoteric Thought. Classics from our Library that made their mark in the minds and hearts of millions, and brought hope and comfort to the world.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ comes in PDF format on a CD disk which contains both the Introduction by Eva S. Dowling, scribe to the messenger, and the text, transcribed from the Book of Gods Remembrance, also known as the Akashic Records.

Why PDF Format and Why From Us? PDF format can be opened in many different platforms. You can read and print whatever parts of the books you desire. We know that many books are available in PDF format, free of charge, on other web sites. But, with ours, you do not have to worry about copyright issues or downloading; nor do you have to spend hours formatting and proofreading the text. Our CD books are carefully proofread, beautifully formatted for visual and printed use, and come on CD disks with attractive jackets, all for a very reasonable price.

Purchase Price: $15 (S&H Included)

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~ The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ Requires Adobe Reader ~

In the unlikely event you do not have Adobe Reader© -- required to open, read, and print PDF files -- installed on your system, a free copy can be obtained at:

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