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March 31, 1848, is the established founding date of the Modern Spiritualist Movement. No one doubts the significance of this date; however, it represents but one link in a wondrous chain of events which led to the rebirth of Ancient Spiritualism within a modern world.

We want to share with you the wonder and mystery of what Spirit was attempting to do and fulfill, not simply on the evening of March 31, 1848, but prior to that fateful date and up to more recent times.

Spiritualism belongs to all people and to all religions. It is a gift of and for the SPIRIT, not of and for any particular church body. We hope you enjoy these pages. Thank you and Godspeed!

The New Dispensation in Spiritualism: Not just in Boston, the New Dispensation in Spiritualism was a worldwide call, from Spirit, to uplift the work of Spirit and to help guide Spiritualism away from simple phenomena to a greater understanding of the universal and religious implications of Spirit communion and communication.

Included is an exceptional trance address, delivered through the mediumship of Mrs. E.R. Dyar to our Church on March 29, 1885, in celebration of the Thirty-seventh Anniversary of the Modern Spiritualist Movement.

Remembering the Pioneers: A series of biographical sketches of some of the pioneer mediums, proponents, and researchers of early Spiritualism who made a difference.

What's It All About? What, exactly, are the differences between Spiritualism; Modern Spiritualism; the Modern Spiritualist Movement; and a Spiritualist Church? Where does our Church fit into this?

101 Questions on Spiritualism. Here are 101 questions on Spiritualism and related areas of thought. How many can you answer? All students of Spiritualism should know the answers to these questions. Remember: an effective proponent is an informed proponent.

Did You Know?

Did you know that our Church was intimately involved with and helped promote a national link for home development circles? Instituted on October 16, 1884, the National Developing Circle sought to link home circles from around the country for shared dialogue, hints on mediumistic development, and a combined effort to help strengthen the bond between the Earth plane and Spirit.

In 1891, the NDC began publishing a monthly magazine, known as The Sower. Our Church was very much involved in this magazine. This is why our newsletter is called The Sower.

We are now rekindling that concept with the inauguration of our Global Circle Link. Details upcoming.


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