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101 Questions:
Things All Students of Spiritualism Should Know

Here are 101 (plus a few more) questions which students of Spiritualism should know about. They are not arranged in any particular order.

         What is Spiritualism?

         Distinguish between Spiritualism and Spiritism.

         What is considered the official founding date of the Modern Spiritualist Movement?

         Where did the events of this date take place?

         What was the family name of the people connected with these events?

         What are the names of the three daughters in this family, around whom the events took place?

         Who is Charles B. Rosna?

         What is the significance of the events which took place on that date, apart from being the founding date of the Movement?

         What is the significance of Corinthian Hall?

         Who is Emma Hardinge Britten? What classic did she write?

         What are the basic teachings of Spiritualism?

         What is Death?

         What is the Spirit world?

         Where is the Spirit world?

         What is meant by "levels" of the Spirit world?

         Do we have to die in order to visit the Spirit world?

         Are there "earthbound" spirits in the Spirit world?

         What is mediumship?

         What is a medium?

         List the different types of mediumship?

         Distinguish between mental mediumship and physical mediumship.

         Can anyone become a mental medium? How about a physical medium?

         What is a spiritual healing channel?

         What is the source of spiritual healing?

         Who and what is a Spirit guide?

         Does everyone have a Spirit guide?

         What are and are not the functions of a Spirit guide?

         What is ectoplasm?

         Where does ectoplasm come from?

         How is ectoplasm produced?

         How is ectoplasm used?

         What is materialization?

         What is transfiguration?

         What is apportation?

         What are spirit lights?

         What are raps and taps?

         Can Spirit communicate through raps and taps? How?

         What is a cabinet?

         What is the purpose of a cabinet?

         What is trance?

         Describe the various levels of trance?

         Is trance a necessity for physical mediumship? Explain?

         What is and is not Spirit control?

         What is direct voice?

         How is direct voice produced?

         What is psychometry?

         Are there any dangers to mediumship? Explain.

         What is Spirit's role in physical mediumship?

         What is the medium's role in physical mediumship?

         In mental mediumship, how does Spirit communicate through the medium.

         Why does physical mediumship generally take place in darkened conditions?

         What is the function of the red light in physical mediumship?

         Is darkness necessary for the production of physical phenomena?

         Who is Daniel Dunglas Home?

         Who is Harry Edwards?

         Who is Gladys Osborne Leonard?

         Who is Eileen J. Garrett?

         What is parapsychology?

         What is levitation?

         How is levitation accomplished?

         Who is Margery Crandon?

         Who is Alan Kardec? What classics did he write?

         What is the human aura?

         What does the aura look like?

         What causes a change within the aura?

         Are changes within the aura permanent or temporary? What determines this?

         How is the human aura affected by mind?

         How is the human aura affected by health?

         Describe the work of Walter J. Kilner?

         Describe the work of Franz Anton Mesmer?

         What modern clinical technique is directly attributed to Mesmer?

         Who is Andrew Jackson Davis? What were his contributions to Spiritualism?

         Who is Emanuel Swedenborg? What were his contributions to Spiritualism?

         What is psychokinesis?

         What is a Ouija board?

         Discuss the "positives" and "negatives" of the Ouija board?

         What is The Great Harmonia?

         What is slate writing?

         Distinguish between clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

         What distinguishes a medium from a psychic?

         What is the Society for Psychical Research?

         Who is Uri Geller? What did he demonstrate?

         Who is Madame Blavatsky? What movement did she found?

         What is Spirit possession? How common an occurrence is it?

         Distinguish between possession and obsession. Explain.

         Is there such a thing as exorcism? Discuss your answer.

         What is an OBE?

         What is the significance of OBE?

         What often happens during the dream state?

         What is Theosophy?

         What distinguishes Theosophy from Modern Spiritualism?

         Who is Joseph Banks Rhine?

         What is the significance of Duke University to psychic research?

         Who is Charles Leadbeater?

         Who is Annie Besant?

         Distinguish between Spiritualism, Modern Spiritualism, and the Modern Spiritualist Movement?

         Who is Mary Baker Eddy? What is her connection to Spiritualism? What movement did she found.

         What is a development circle? How is it generally conducted?

         Who is Alice Bailey? What are her contributions to Spiritualism?

         Discuss the great Law of Karma.

         What are the basic tenets of "Prosperity"? Do you see any spiritual trappings in Prosperity?

         Who is Ernest Holmes? What classic did he write?

         Do animals survive death? Explain.

         What, if anything, distinguishes animal spirits from human spirits?

         What is soul transmigration? Is it valid? Why or why not?

         What happens when children die?

         Distinguish between Spirit, Soul, and Body. How do they work together?

         Who is Edgar Cayce?

         What is the significance of the Goligher Circle?

         Who is William Slade? What form of mediumship did he specialize in?

         Who is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? What are his contributions to Spiritualism?

         Who is Arthur Findlay? What are his contributions to Spiritualism?


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